Gardening Advice

If you’ve ever worried about what to do with your garden, or are a complete beginner, there’s no need to despair. I can provide practical advice and tips which will help you discover how to make the most of your outdoor space.

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I will help you select the best plants for problem locations, such as shade, slopes, or exposed sites, and advise on how to improve and work with the soil. You may have questions about where to site a new border, pond, garden structure, patio or paths, or want to make your garden easier to manage. Perhaps you’d like to know how to prune roses, fruit trees and shrubs, create a wildflower meadow, or are keen to grow fruit and vegetables, and don’t know how to start. You may simply want to know the identity of plants in a new garden, and how to look after them.

Whatever your gardening dilemma, I can help. Visits are generally between 1-2 hours, or to suit you. Alternatively, you may wish to book a series of regular, seasonal sessions, and learn how to keep your garden beautiful and productive all year round.